Ethical Autumn: Restaurants, Children's Clothing and Dog Days Out September 10 2014

Autumn, and very soon Winter, is just around the corner so I guess that many of us won't be using our gardens and barbeques for much longer (my husband and I have been eating outside every evening trying to relish in the last bit of warmth before it gets too cold!)! Eating out, refreshing walks in the crisp morning air, vegetation changing from lush green to a beautiful golden yellow, orange and red, there is so much to enjoy at this time of year! Summer ending need not be depressing!!!



















I decided to compile a list which may help ease this seasonal transition whilst simultaneously encouraging and supporting fair trade and ethical companies based in the UK.

Just an FYI, in case there is some uncertainty regarding the definition of ethical consumerism, here is a general explanation quoted from an article on the Institute of Grocery Distribution's website:


"Ethical consumerism can be defined as the practice of purchasing products and services produced in a way that minimises social and/or environmental damage, while avoiding products and services deemed to have a negative impact on society or the environment."


Eating out:

If you would like to extend your ethical radar to restaurants that you would like to dine at, then click on this link for a detailed, although not extensive, list of the best ethical restaurants throughout the UK as voted for by The Guardian readers. Of course, you do not only have to frequent the restaurants officially listed as ethical! Even dining at a local pub that serves food made with fresh organic ingredients from surrounding local farms is a step in the right direction!





Dressing your little one:

If you're anything like me, the sight of baby and children's clothing makes you all gaga and very broody! Especially when the autumn and winter ranges come out with all those adorable little boots and wellies, big cosy and warm coats, beanies, and scarves! If you would like to buy trendy yet ethical and reasonably priced boutique children's clothing for those chilly days, then we at Maisee have just what you're looking for! Supplied by two children's clothing manufacturers in South Africa, Meisie's boys clothing and girls clothing ranges are made from high quality durable cotton fabrics while supporting local communities.



Doggy days out:

Another great autumn/winter activity is taking your best friend out on his daily walk, all wrapped up warm with a flask of tea. We have recently adopted our adorable pointer pup from Many Tears Animal Rescue, and a lot of research has gone into which parks, beaches, and restaurants/pubs are dog friendly etc. As many dog owners know, our furry friends can't be left home alone for long periods of time and end up joining you on almost every trip out the door! A great website that can help you plan and include your doggy on holidays away in the UK, shopping trips, restaurants and other doggy days out is Dog Friendly Britain. Using an interactive map and a great search tool, you can easily find dog-friendly spots in your local area!


















I don't list everything that you can do on your autumn days out, otherwise I'd bore you and you would be sat in front of your screens until next summer! But I will post a few more ideas in due course. In the meantime I hope this helps you in planning great ethically conscious days out!!!